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Abita Beers and Crock Pot ideas

I’m getting tipsy on Jockamo, which as reviewed, I don’t like.  BUT TONIGHT, I have some ideas for the Crock Pot that I need to get out.

  • Pork butt, 5-spice, garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce, baby bok choy.  The bok choy should go in, about half an hour to an hour before dinner.
  • Brisket, garlic, chipotle in adobo, serve in warm flour tortillas with shredded cabbage, sour cream
  • Deboned chicken (thighs and/or breasts), peanut sauce to cover, green onions, cilantro.  Serve with rice noodles and more cilantro.
  • Clam, potatoes, chicken stock, green onions or chives, parsley, cream cheese (at the end)
  • Bone-in ham, potatoes, corn, onion, garlic, S&PTT, parsley, thyme, milk (at the end)
  • Lentils, tomato, onion, eggplant, curry spices, extra cumin and paprika (is tasty, have done this already)
  • Chicken, poultry seasoning, a coke, salt
  • Pork chops, apples, onions, brown sugar (only a little), cinnamon, sage, black pepper
  • Ground beef, caramelized onion, and zucchini or eggplant
  • Chicken, cumin, tumeric, paprika.  Half an hour before serving:  Green olives, lemon zest (maybe preserved lemons?).  Serve on basmati, drizzle with olive oil, toasted almonds
  • Black eyed peas, sausage
  • Corned beef, cabbage, potato, carrot
  • Italian sausage, spinach, potatoes.  Serve with parm and good hot bread.
  • Stew meat (beef), merlot, mushrooms, brown roux, season to taste.  Serve on egg noodles.
  • Potato soup mix, water as required, turnips, carrots, handful of oatmeal, white fish, 1/2 and 1/2 on serve.
  • Ribs, whiskey, bbq sauce, serve with corn on the cob.
  • Apple, sweet potato, chicken, S&PTT, cook with a slice of bacon, but also top with bacon crumbles when it comes out.
  • Butternut squash, red curry, coconut milk; puree the butternut when it’s done, add shrimp
  • White chili (chicken, white beans, etc)
  • Pork, bacon over the top, glaze with maple & dijon, paprika.  Serve with grits or polenta

Just a quick self-note about the Abita beers:

  • Restoration Pale Ale:  Is good, citrusy, very pleasant.  Will buy more.
  • Jockamo IPA:  Still don’t like it
  • Purple Haze:  It’s okay, it tastes like a nice wheat beer, but it doesn’t have enough raspberry to impress.
  • Turbodog:  Oddly delicious, for a beer that sounds like it was named by a douchebro.  Best of them all, possibly.  Might like Restoration more.
  • Amber:  “Just a beer”, nothing worthy of note.
  • The … Lemon one:  Gross.  Too much fake lemon flavor.
  • **ROOT BEER**  Didn’t come with the party pack, it was just something I coincidentally ran into at the grocery store, and also picked up, but I love Abita’s root beer, which is, as you would expect, completely free of booze.  But as far as sodas go, it’s really good, and made with cane sugar, and delicious.  They, surprisingly, haven’t changed the formula since I was a kid.  Mmmm, nostalgia.  ❤

Dear self:

Make lentils in the crock pot, because it seems they were less inclined to turn into a pile of mush that way!  Which is hilarious, because you found that out making Dhal, which is supposed to be lentil mush.  Although they taste good not-mush, too.  :3

Also, make this again:  http://www.scotlandforvisitors.com/recipes/fishbrose.php


Look at Me, I’m Writing a Thing!

Good day future viewers!  Pff.  (That felt silly.)

I was recently visiting the blog Live Your Legend, and read about their blog challenge.  I wanted to participate, but had no idea what I would write about.  I decided to think it over.  Over the course of a couple of days, while I didn’t think of a topical blog to start, I did decide that it would be a great idea to start a blog in general.  This was sparked by the fact that I tried an immensely delicious beer, and made an immensely delicious soup.  It occurred to me that I have created or tried many recipes that are really tasty to me.  I’ve tried wines and beers that I’ve loved.  I’ve read books and played games that were mind blowing.  In every case, I’ll forget them, until someone else brings them up.   That nonsense stops now!

So, for today I’ll be telling the blog world about the beer and the tortilla soup.

Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout

Clicking the picture will take you to the Left Hand Brewing website.

It is REALLY good.  🙂

This stout is deliciously coffee-like, even compared with other stouts I’ve had.  I have not had a great many stouts, but it tasted to me almost like a latte.  It was mellow and creamy, like good coffee and milk.  Not too acidic like the Young’s Double Chocolate I’ve tried, and not too bitter like Guinness.

I write all my reviews aimed at a “normal people” crowd.  If you want proper beer and wine reviews, there are whole websites dedicated to that.  This is me, logging what I like, why I like it, and why other people might like it.  I do have a professional culinary background, but I don’t look for semi-imaginary flavors in beer and wine.  (I’m not saying that some wines don’t taste and smell like “crisp green apples, autumn oak leaves, and a bit of lemon”, but normal people don’t think like that.  They think “tart, woodsy apple”.)

Homemade Tortilla Soup

[Pic Goes Here o3o]

There are a lot of times where I would say I don’t believe in recipes, but it would be more accurate to say that I think having a method is better.  For instance, sometimes, you might have super hot jalepenos.  Other times, you might get very mild ones.  Summer tomatoes are much more flavorful than greenhouse winter tomatoes.  Recipes can actually give more an inconsistent result than a method, so here is one of those recipes that’s just a method.  No hard measurements.

A big chicken, A medium red onion, a head of garlic, a jar of Herdez Pasilla Chile Mexican Cooking Sauce, a regular sized can of crushed tomatoes, a couple of small cans of corn, about 6 oz of pepper-laced cheese, milk, tortilla chips.  I also had homemade guacamole, and bought some extra cheese for topping, but that’s optional.

First thing I did, was grab the chicken, season it with a little seasoning salt, and threw it in the oven at 250 F, for about 3 hours.  Slow roasting is the best thing.  My room-mate and I split one of the breasts, because a 6 pound chicken is huge.  Then I let it cool off, stripped the meat from the bones.  I had about 4 cups of meat all in all.  I put the meat into the refrigerator.  I put the bones, scraps, and drippings from the chicken, into my slow cooker, added enough water to cover all the bones, and set it to high until it reached a boil, then back down to low.  I let it go like that overnight.  I guess if you had only an oven, you could get a heavy, oven-proof stock pot, bring it to a boil, and then put it in your oven at 200 to 250F.  If you were using the oven, though, you would probably have to get up in the morning, take the bones out, and cool the broth off until a couple hours before dinner time.  If you use a crock pot, you can just set it to low, and forget about it until about an hour before dinner.

THE NEXT DAY…. About an hour before dinner, I took all of the bones out of the crock pot, leaving a very tasty broth, and then, chopped half of the red onion, four cloves of garlic.  I sauteed those until the onions were clear, I added them into the crock pot, as well as the chicken meat, pasilla sauce, tomatoes, and corn (if you use frozen, heat it before adding).  When it was time to eat, I stirred in about a cup of milk (eyeballed, use more or less depending on how creamy you want it), and 6-8 oz of cheese, and turned the crock off, so it wouldn’t curdle the milk.  Served with the tortilla chips and topped with spoon of guacamole, extra cheese, and a drizzle of kefir, if we’re being really honest.  (Although most people would probably want sour cream, not kefir. )

I think this would be really good with white beans.  It would also be a good addition, if you had eaten more than half of the chicken.  Like say, if you have a family, and need to eat up to half the meat, that’s okay.  The amount of meat isn’t that important, since the broth flavor comes from the bones.  If you do your family the “favor” of serving them portioned chicken, with some good sides, it shouldn’t be too hard to preserve enough of the meat for the soup.

So, yesterday was a really nice day for food.   I had to stop myself from eating two bowls of this soup.  If anyone out there makes it, do tell me how it comes out!