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Abita Beers and Crock Pot ideas

I’m getting tipsy on Jockamo, which as reviewed, I don’t like.  BUT TONIGHT, I have some ideas for the Crock Pot that I need to get out.

  • Pork butt, 5-spice, garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce, baby bok choy.  The bok choy should go in, about half an hour to an hour before dinner.
  • Brisket, garlic, chipotle in adobo, serve in warm flour tortillas with shredded cabbage, sour cream
  • Deboned chicken (thighs and/or breasts), peanut sauce to cover, green onions, cilantro.  Serve with rice noodles and more cilantro.
  • Clam, potatoes, chicken stock, green onions or chives, parsley, cream cheese (at the end)
  • Bone-in ham, potatoes, corn, onion, garlic, S&PTT, parsley, thyme, milk (at the end)
  • Lentils, tomato, onion, eggplant, curry spices, extra cumin and paprika (is tasty, have done this already)
  • Chicken, poultry seasoning, a coke, salt
  • Pork chops, apples, onions, brown sugar (only a little), cinnamon, sage, black pepper
  • Ground beef, caramelized onion, and zucchini or eggplant
  • Chicken, cumin, tumeric, paprika.  Half an hour before serving:  Green olives, lemon zest (maybe preserved lemons?).  Serve on basmati, drizzle with olive oil, toasted almonds
  • Black eyed peas, sausage
  • Corned beef, cabbage, potato, carrot
  • Italian sausage, spinach, potatoes.  Serve with parm and good hot bread.
  • Stew meat (beef), merlot, mushrooms, brown roux, season to taste.  Serve on egg noodles.
  • Potato soup mix, water as required, turnips, carrots, handful of oatmeal, white fish, 1/2 and 1/2 on serve.
  • Ribs, whiskey, bbq sauce, serve with corn on the cob.
  • Apple, sweet potato, chicken, S&PTT, cook with a slice of bacon, but also top with bacon crumbles when it comes out.
  • Butternut squash, red curry, coconut milk; puree the butternut when it’s done, add shrimp
  • White chili (chicken, white beans, etc)
  • Pork, bacon over the top, glaze with maple & dijon, paprika.  Serve with grits or polenta

Just a quick self-note about the Abita beers:

  • Restoration Pale Ale:  Is good, citrusy, very pleasant.  Will buy more.
  • Jockamo IPA:  Still don’t like it
  • Purple Haze:  It’s okay, it tastes like a nice wheat beer, but it doesn’t have enough raspberry to impress.
  • Turbodog:  Oddly delicious, for a beer that sounds like it was named by a douchebro.  Best of them all, possibly.  Might like Restoration more.
  • Amber:  “Just a beer”, nothing worthy of note.
  • The … Lemon one:  Gross.  Too much fake lemon flavor.
  • **ROOT BEER**  Didn’t come with the party pack, it was just something I coincidentally ran into at the grocery store, and also picked up, but I love Abita’s root beer, which is, as you would expect, completely free of booze.  But as far as sodas go, it’s really good, and made with cane sugar, and delicious.  They, surprisingly, haven’t changed the formula since I was a kid.  Mmmm, nostalgia.  ❤

Dear self:

Make lentils in the crock pot, because it seems they were less inclined to turn into a pile of mush that way!  Which is hilarious, because you found that out making Dhal, which is supposed to be lentil mush.  Although they taste good not-mush, too.  :3

Also, make this again:  http://www.scotlandforvisitors.com/recipes/fishbrose.php